Apparently, over 65% of job seekers would not accept a job from a company with a poor employer reputation

Did you know that up to 70% of any given workforce passively looks at Job Boards or Recruitment Sites?

Ultimately, Talent wants to work in a company with a positive organisational culture

Nexus Consulting solutions:


At Nexus Consulting, we discreetly partner with companies to consult & assist in the process of designing results-based strategies to consistently attract & retain the right talent for your business


We believe that implementing well-designed and agile talent management initiatives as soon as possible, results in developing a strong healthy organisational culture.


A positive culture creates the right employee experiences that deliver a positive employer brand, and ultimately a 'a great place to work' reputation.  These relationships are 

essentially symbiotic in nature.

​​WHAT WE DELIVER - Project & Consulting examples:


Align - Activate - Achieve

  • Organisational Culture Audits

  • Employee Life-cycle Journey Assessment

  • Candidate Journey Mapping

  • On-Boarding Journey Assessment

  • Insight surveys, assessing levels of satisfaction, engagement, motivation

  • One-to-one and focus group interviews

  • Employer Brand/Reputation assessment & bench-marking 

  • Retention/Turnover evaluation & risk assessment - retention strategies

  • Crafting an Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

  • Creating an Employer Brand Blueprint​

  • Solutions to successfully transmit & communicate your company's story


The bulk of our work is in the following sectors - often serving companies with multiple global locations:

Tech & Gaming - Retail - Pharma & BioPharma - Hospitality - Food & Drink - Financial

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