At Nexus Consulting, we are Organisation Development experts, specialising  in Talent Attraction & Retention solutions



In doing this, we focus on the internal 'people processes' that create Employee Experience,

Company Culture, and Employer Brand






We help companies to design or refine internal talent practices by revealing the most pressing needs of employees, and by developing talent management strategies that

truly drive and motivate people

Attract - Engage - Retain: Combining Best Practice and Researched, Informed Insight

As leaders in our field in Ireland, our key strength lies in our ability to combine best-practice and research-led talent management & development initiatives, thereby creating powerful strategies to attractengage and retain top quality employees.  We understand cross-generational requirements, their career needs, drivers and goals - and we will uncover how attraction and commitment is driven at your organisation



Through our Consulting and Training options we aim to bring an

all-round suite of stellar solutions to our clients

We currently work with companies across Ireland and the EU

We are delighted to open the conversation today, without any formalities - To begin, please email our founder Fiona Donnelly, at to arrange a chat

Top Concerns for Companies in Ireland in 2019? 

Attraction & Retention of Talent

We have the ability to scrutinise all the processes along the the employee life-cycle, which includes all the factors associated with the Attraction & Retention of Talent - 

and then strategise towards your company's future


 Our solutions help companies to 'align, activate & achieve' their people and business goals.  We assist organisations to understand and create employee experiences,

from pre-hire to retire,  that are consistently positive, to ultimately

become recognised Employers of Choice

Organisational Needs - Vs - Employees' Needs
Is your company experiencing:

  • Uncertainty around your employer brand/reputation?

  • Problems communicating your company story?

  • Difficulties in consistently attracting the right/desired talent?

  • Log-jams in your recruitment funnel?

  • Premature turnover soon after on-boarding?

  • Talent Retention issues, despite constantly recruiting?

  • Lack of insight regarding employee turnover?

  • Issues associated with employee engagement & motivation?

  • Under-performance or low morale, affecting organisational culture? 

  • A positive culture and reputation, that needs future-proofing?

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